Videos of the popular Slay mama lioness went viral yesterday, where she was seen been embarrassed by two set of people, both claimed she stole a phone and $400 and absconded. The full story was gotten from a reliable source,

“She stole the phone exactly 1 month ago and gave out the SIM card that was in the phone to a girl friend . So 3 days ago we noticed the line was going thru so they called it and a girl picked and ended the call, then a text was sent to that number letting her know the phone and the SIM card was been tracked.
Then the girl called the number that was used in texting the missing phone and sim card . Then she was frightened and said Lioness was the one who gave her the SIM card. She has been using the phone with her and she had been looking for way to sell it . So someone called her early 2Am midnight to come to  hotel  where she will smoke crack and by morning she will take 40k home too . She did and came in less than 30 mins and she was expecting crack and the person she would pass the night with . When she came she was confronted and inside her bag the phone was seen  .  The girl who said  it was lioness who gave her the SIM card  was so frightened because she was threatened with police . She called her other girl friends to let them know she was not involved that lioness stole the phone and gave her the sim .. her friends then came that mid night and said they have been looking for her for the past 3 days . That she went somewhere and she stole 400$ cash from a man . Which was why she was beaten again that same day”.

Day . The scene where you see she was naked was done by her girl  friends at the place she smokes crack and do her things.

Below is a video of her been embarrassed. I hope young ladies out there will learn from this
Click to Watch Video


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