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My name is David and this is the story of my Life.
I met Tola in secondary school and needless to say, we were just school mates. I stumbled on her on Facebook years later and this time we became friends with no emotional attachment. She told me she had just left the NYSC camp and was confused if to remain in Port Harcourt or relocate to Abuja due to her health. I advised her to come down to Abuja encouraging her with the fact that there are more opportunities for a recent graduate of International relations, Or probably I just wanted an opportunity to get her close to me as I was working in Abuja as a banker in one of the prestigious banks in the country. I guess that further informed her decision.

Days flew into weeks, weeks into month, and I and Tola kept up with the communication while I recommended places she could go do her primary assignment.

The story however took a different turn when I began to develop sexual Interest in Tola, She was just my kind of woman; intelligent, smart and industrious, always wanting to explore new fields. I knew in my inner thoughts that this was the kind of woman I needed as a companion through my life’s journey.

Sparks and Butterflies flew and i proposed my love to her and only then did I realize that she only saw me as “one of those friends” FRIEND ZONE . chai …the thing e pain me sha….

Trust me na as a Sweet boy, I was able to get Tola to love me deeply using the wisdom of the ‘gods’. We fell in love with each other and our relationship was formed with things going on real smooth for us. One fateful night while having our moments she asked, ‘Dave what’s your genotype?’ I innocently replied “AS and I noticed she immediately went blank.
Moments later She told me she couldn’t continue with me because she is SS. I felt cold. Since then I have been unable to take my mind off it. I know the ideal thing to do is end the relationship, but I don’t want to let her go. She has grown to become a part of me.

They say there’s a solution to every problem. … I’m in desperate need of new solutions…

Give your solutions in the comment box.

Pioneer JARAH GIST MEDIA, historian and diplomat, media entrepreneur. Wondering if you are in the right place? Yes you are.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roy

    March 30, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    Love they say wins it all, I don’t know how strong the love you have for each other is.
    You can explore medical solutions from experts to see what options are available medically.
    If you however insist on being with her then you may also consider the option of adoption if you’re comfortable with it.
    Lastly you just have to let her go to preserve the future of your children, if you love something, sometimes you have to let it go cus in this case that might just be the best option.

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